German Piping & Construction Company

Services of executives in piping, pipeline and plant construction.

More than as 30 years of experience passed on to the 2nd generation , we are active in Piping construction, pipeline construction, power station construction, chemical industry and refinery construction. We have for your disposal qualified executives, specialists and Safety specialists. We can offer you qualified and experienced project managers, QS managers, WP managers, piping supervisors, welding specialists, safety specialists and others field experts, plant and power plant construction as well for refinery and chemical plant construction.

Please feel free to contact the GEPCOC team for more information.

Our Experts ans Managers
  • Supervisor
  • Calculator, industrial drawer
  • Welding specialists and coordinator
  • QA/QC manager
  • HSE manager
  • WP manager
  • Construction manager and project manager
  • Site engineer